Need a little inspiration to make this anniversary extra special?
(After all it is the tenth!)


We have a great range of ideas for every aspect of the Anniversary, which will hopefully spark some inspiration for you to make it personal and unique to your relationship!

They range in time required, available funds and often depends on your interests as a couple.

We’ve got all sorts of ideas for if you’ve got 30 minutes to celebrate or want to spend the whole day celebrating! Some ideas will take some preparation where-as most will only require a little preparation (buying groceries or booking somewhere).


Let’s face it, this month has flown by… this year has flown by!

Suddenly it’s your anniversary tomorrow, you’re panicking because your partner never forgets and you know they’ll of pulled out all the stops!

(If this is you we have an Anniversary Reminder Service but that helps future you but for present you keep reading!)

Just because it’s last minute doesn’t mean it can’t be amazing!

(Because we know you’re short for time we’ve put on the approx time of each idea in this segment).

15 minutes:

Buy an experience day for them, (e.g Spa day, Couples Cooking Class, Racing day) print it out and pop it in an envelope for them!

30 minutes:

A quick trip to the local supermarket will get you the ingredients to their favourite meal, a great card and their favourite chocolate, snack or drink!

Grab a couple of envelopes and some heart confetti for the next step!

30 minutes:

Jump on the computer, get on your chosen word document.

Quickly type out some loving coupons to give to your partner that they can redeem whenever!

(A massage, a lie in, date night, 1 free wish, a home cooked meal, you can pick the movie night, ill cook, ill clean, spa day etc.)

More ideas here.

Print them out, cut them into coupons (maybe sign them) and put them in an envelope with some heart confetti and you have the perfect loving gift that didn’t take much time but shows how much thought went into it.

1 hour:

Tidy and clean up the house, let them come home to a clean place, do all the chores so that they can come home and relax!

Take a trip down memory lane and create a scavenger hunt for your partner, create a scavenger hunt based on special memories throughout your relationship. Some ideas for a scavenger hunt include the location of your first date, where you first met, where they proposed, your favourite restaurant, your favourite spot in the city/town you live in, a fond memory etc.

You may need to ask for shop owners etc. for help in keeping your clues safe else your partner may end up lost!

For more ideas see our Scavenger Hunt article.

Get the day started with their first surprise, treat your partner first thing in the morning to their favourite breakfast served to them in bed!

If cooking isn’t your strong suit then take them out to your favourite breakfast cafe and have a morning date (because let’s face it breakfast is the best meal).

If you’re early birds (very early birds depending when your anniversary is) why not get up early, get a breakfast picnic ready the night before and go to the best spot for a gorgeous sunrise! Nothing is more romantic than a sunrise or a sunset so get this special anniversary started with a stunning view.

If you’ve got the whole day to use, why not spend the day exploring a new area!

Find a beautiful waterfall (St Nectan’s Glen in Cornwall is well worth the walk) or find your new favourite ice cream shop!

You could take a trip to a theme park, or celebrate your tenth anniversary by visiting your favourite holiday spot!

Take the opportunity to visit the family that have loved and supported you throughout the years, visit your parents to take the kids out for a fun filled day of excitement!

After a long days work sometimes you just want to curl up in comfy clothes, get a take-away and watch a good film! Well you have the perfect excuse to, so order your favourite food and put on one of your favourite films, light a few candles and have that relaxing evening you’ve needed!

If you want to get out of the house to celebrate your 10th Anniversary then here’s what to pack:

– Grab a Picnic (Marshmellows, Chocolate, Bananas and Apples mandatory)

– Your Tent

– An Overnight Bag

– Sleeping Bags

– Firewood

Head out to your favourite camping spot, have a picnic, make a fire, roast some marshmellows and make melted chocolate apples and melted chocolate bananas! Don’t miss that gorgeous sunset.

The 10th Anniversary, traditionally calls for a gift in the material of Tin.

Tin is the traditional tenth anniversary gift, as your marriage grows in years it also gets stronger therefore so does the gift.

Tin is durable and flexible, it’s strong but adaptable; Much like tin, your relationship gets stronger with age and you are adaptable to the opportunities in life.

All of these items are handmade in Cornwall, UK.

Treat your partner to some truly special gifts made in Tin!

Treat her to:

A stunning set of Tin Diamond Earrings and Necklace in a timeless classic heart design.

The Tin Diamond ‘Kiss’ Necklace.

The entrancing Everlasting Rose.

Treat him to:

These classic beaten cufflinks with engraved EST (year) Mr & Mrs(or Mr) (your last name).

The timeless mix of raw and polished tin in octagon cufflinks.

The fun spanner bangle for your DIY guy!

Treat them to:

Matching Tin Textured Rings.

Matching Tin Signet Rings.

A vast range of ‘You Are My Rockdecoration gifts.

Or if you’re looking for something a little more DIY, you could put together a range of coupons to give your partner in which they can redeem a number of offers, for example:

1 Massage

1 Home-Cooked Meal

1 Lie In

1 Argument Win

To see more please click here!

Cook your anniversary meal together:

Make the perfect starter, main and dessert.

Make little bits of all your favourite food and have an anniversary buffet of the best meals you’ve found over the years.

Not feeling like slaving in the kitchen for an hour or more? Order in your favourite take-away!

Or fancy getting all dressed up with a nice place to be? Make a reservation at the place you had your first date!

If you’re unfortunately not with your partner on your 10th Anniversary, with a little bit of planning you can make it just as special!

For this gift you can choose how much to spend and how many to do!

We like these 2 options however you could amend it however you like!

Our first idea would be before you leave (depending on how long you’ll be away for) you can give your partner their presents. On each present there will be a note telling them when they can open it.

For example Open When: It’s our anniversary, its your birthday, its Christmas, its new years eve, its valentines day, you miss me, you need a hug etc. (For more ideas click here!)

You can pick out the presents ahead of time so that they will still have a great day.

You could also do this with envelopes, and in each one is a little letter to cheer them up, make them laugh, anything that relates to the occasion of opening the gift.

This is a great fun idea that can span over months when you’re away. It’ll keep you close and will be a present your partner is sure to love and look forward to the next.

It’s your tenth anniversary, this is one of the big milestones in your relationship!

You’ve been together for 10 years, 1 decade!

You’ve built a long lasting strong relationship.

You’ve been with each other through the highs and the lows, the good times and the bad times. You’ve seen each other at their best and their worst, show your love and appreciation for your partner by celebrating every second through the day!

Celebrate this anniversary and pull out all the stops!

The day before:

You’ll need to buy the ingredients for their favourite breakfast meal (don’t forget the champagne, or their favourite alcohol), your favourite picnic lunch and your favourite dinner (dessert is mandatory).

You’ll need fuel in your car!

You’ll need a rose or two (or their favourite flower).

Reservations for your first date restaurant.

The morning:

Quietly decorate the room with lit candles, and flowers.

Cook their favourite breakfast, serve it to them in bed, with champagne (or their favourite alcohol)!

The day:

This depends on the type of couple you are…

If you love adventure and the outdoors, head out for the day with your lunch picnic. Find a beautiful view, a gorgeous waterfall or an amazing walk!

If you love the indoors and being cosy then you can have your favourite movies, board games and stay cosy in your comfy clothes!

Make sure you have an amazing picnic lunch (indoors or outdoors).

The evening:

After a long tiring day out why not relax in with a take-away, a movie and your partner on the sofa.

Or after a cosy day in treat yourself to your favourite meal out, get all dressed up and head out to your first date restaurant or your favourite new place.

The gift has to fit the anniversary, celebrate your tenth anniversary with a traditional tin gift, treat yourselves and get matching textured rings, or signet rings!

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