Tin Gifts – 10th Wedding Anniversary

Tin Gifts provide a great range of gifts focused on your 10th anniversary.

Because your 10th wedding anniversary is also your tin anniversary, you’ll find a vast range of tin items!

The tradition behind the gifts are that as your marriage grows stronger in years, you go stronger with it, therefore the material of the gift must grow in strength.

Your first anniversary will be celebrated with a paper gift ranging to your 25th being a silver gift, your 60th being diamond and your 90th being stone.

Tin is a durable & flexible material, its a great metaphor for your first 10 years of marriage and shows the thought gone into the gift.

Mark your 10th Anniversary with a traditional but one of a kind design. You’ll find our collection is inspired by our Cornish surroundings, and many of our designs are made individually. This means each gift is made slightly different making your gift in itself one of a kind.

Our collection ranges from men’s and women’s jewellery to ornaments and decorations.

If you happen to be looking for an anniversary other than your 10th please click on our sister site ‘Anniversary Gifts’ which specialise in a range of materials and designs for the years 1 – 25.

(On request we can make items in the years past 25!)

We take inspiration from our beautiful surroundings!


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