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Tin Gifts - 10th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Tin Gifts sells a large range of 100% pure tin jewellery and gifts from our workshop here in Cornwall, the heart and world capital of Tin Mining, Tin mines in Cornwall have been closed for many years, but using skilled jewellers and techniques we have been able to create a truly stunning range of jewellery perfect for gifts for yourself or your partner or of course any other family member for the 10th wedding anniversary. Tin Jewellery hold a certain charm, each piece is created by hand and are never exactly the same, all with their own uniqueness to ensure your item is perfect for you.

Tenth Anniversary Tin

Tin is given as the traditional gift for the Tenth anniversary and has done so for many years. Historical research has shown that it has been given for these most special occasions as it represents durability and protection. Tin is a very soft and bendy metal but also very strong when casted, it has also been used and still is today to coat other metals such as steel cans, to protect them from rusting. Pure Tin does not tarnish, rust or discolour in anyway. Here at Tin Gifts UK we are proud to produce jewellery made from 99.9% pure Tin, no other company produces Tin Jewellery of such purity, this is why our Tin Products are perfect for the all important 10th wedding anniversary occasion.