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10th Anniversary Meaning Article

The tradition for wedding anniversaries dates back to medieval time when people would give a reef containing a specific material for each year.

With the 10 year anniversary that traditional material is Tin or aluminium (mainly Tin), the traditional stone being black onyx and the modern material being Diamond.

What is the meaning of Tin? The exact 10th anniversary meaning cannot be confirmed as there are many theories for why Tin was chosen at the gift for the 10th anniversary, Tin is a very soft material and it has been said that the flexibility of the tin represents the flexibility of a good relationship, the give and take that makes a relationship strong.

Another theory for the 10th anniversary meaning is one that may represent what many of us see as the use of Tin. In 1810 Peter dunard patented the use of Tin coasted iron for the use on cans with the purpose of preserving food, the protective layer of Tin protected the iron and stopped corrosion and thus keeping the food safe. It’s believed that it’s this meaning that tin symbolises preservation and longevity.

Whatever the 10th anniversary meaning, Tin as become a fantastic material and since the mines around the UK ceased operation Tin has become the 4th most precious metal. We have created a truly great range of Tin Jewellery and Tin Gift products for the 10th anniversary so you are sure to find something for everyone, take a look around our website, the true 10th anniversary meaning is what every you and your partner make it over the next 10 years.

Happy Anniversary.

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